Summit 2022

Three days of expert knowledge about MLM/DS in Poland and abroad.

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Business for life – Virtual summit for the MLM and direct selling industry

Event description

A summit for the MLM and direct selling industry – the first ever such world-class online event held in the virtual world. During the three-day event-packed conference attendees will acquire unrivalled, practical knowledge delivered by industry experts and practitioners from Poland and abroad.

Participants will have the opportunity to take an active part in the event. Owing to the use of innovative technology they will be able to interact with other attendees by exchanging their opinions and ideas in large or small groups and actively participate in talks and discussion panels.

The objective of the event is to educate and professionalise the MLM and direct selling industry.

Who for?

The event is addressed primarily to:

  • individuals and businesses operating in the MLM industry
  • individuals interested in pursuing a career in the MLM sector
  • individuals interested in making a career change and looking for new business opportunities

What you will take away?

  • You will learn all about the real MLM/DS market
  • You will master efficient sales technique and business strategies that can be immediately put into practice
  • You will find out how MLM/DS markets operate abroad and how the industry is regulated in other countries
  • You will contribute to the professionalization of our industry in Poland
  • You will meet top industry experts and practitioners

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11.01.22 - 13.01.22

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