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He is a meditating business-building Brit with a fierce passion for real growth in real life. He is also an author, coach and creative entrepreneur bent on being real, raising global consciousness, and transforming lives along the way. Inspired by technology, with extensive professional experience in high-growth tech companies, business development, merges and acquisitions. As comfortable in lotus position as in the boardroom. Spent the early part of his professional career working for international tech companies. Since exiting tech in 2001, has spent a lot of time meditating and is looking for ways to make profound social impact. In 2008, co-founded New York charity Reach Within. In 2012, he founded Urban OM Centre for Yoga & Meditation, Medidance and Golden Guru and in 2018, founded BYOND personal growth accelerator for entrepreneurs. Since 2020, he has been growing his Run Flow Let Go and Micro Shifts projects. The rest is history!

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