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Experienced personal and business mentor. Held top managerial positions in the largest Polish and international corporations from the finance sector; also acted as board member of these companies. At present he supports organisations and businesses in accomplishing their goals and overcoming the obstacles they face. Member of the Board of the Association for the Support of Science Development (SWRN) and member of the Supervisory Board of the Professional Initiatives Centre Association (SCIZ). Completed courses and trainings with such renowned experts as Dr Daniel Goleman, Robert Cialdini, Neil Rackham, David H. Maister, Anthony Robbins.

Trained roughly 30,000 people to date and shared the stage with the most outstanding motivational speakers the likes of Nick Vujicic, Erick Thomas, Garry Kasparov, Andy Harrington, Dean Karnazes, Fredrik Eklund and more.

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